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Make a Treasure Chest Pinata

How to make a Treasure Chest Pinata

treasure chest pinata

Make a pinata from boxes and wrapped in paper with a treasure trove of goodies inside.

This is a perfect
  • princess pinata,
  • pirate pinata, or a
  • treasue chest pinata to hold a dragon's treasure.
The search for treasure is over...you just need to beat it out of the pinata!

Set Up

  1. Gather your materials: box, clear tape, masking tape, 1 or 2 pieces posterboard, pencil, scissors, brown electrical tape, and white papers for printing.
  2. Print several sheets of these wooden planks. Cut out.
  3. Print one copy of the key hole. Cut out. 
  4. Set the box on the posterboard and draw a line matching the width of the box. Cut along the line.
    make a treasure chest pinata
  5. Poke a hole in each side of the pinata and thread rope or heavy string for hanging the pinata through the holes. 
  6. If making a pull and yank pinata, make the trap door now. Cut a trap door in the bottom of the pinata. Poke a hole through the trap door and tie a ribbon through it that will be able to pull it open. Seal the trap door with masking tape. Test it to be sure there’s enough tape to hold all the prizes in the pinata, but not so much tape that it won’t open.
    Trap Door Pinata
  7. Fill the pinata with candy and toys and use tape to secure the box closed.


  • Use a cake box for a whack and bash pinata and use a sturdy cardboard box for a pull and yank pinata.
  • If using a cake box or other thin box for your treasure chest pinata, reinforce the holes for the rope with some duct tape or masking tape.
  • Use string or ribbon or even bias tape for the pinata hangar. Avoid using yarn or elastic. If using a thin string like kite string you will want to double each string.
  • You will usually only need two or four small pieces of masking tape to hold the trap door closed.

The Process

  1. Use masking tape to attach the cut strip of posterboard to the box. Tape to one side of the box and arch over the top of the box and attach to the other side.
  2. Set the treasure chest pinata on its side on the scrap piece of posterboard, or a separate piece of posterboard if the scrap is not large enough. Trace the side on posterboard, cut out and tape it to the side of the pinata.
  3. Cover the box with cut outs of wooden planks. Use clear tape.
    make a treasure chest pinata
  4. Add brown or black electrical tape along edges.
  5. Add keyhole.


  • If you're making a whack and bash pinata keep the posterboard additions to the top of the pinata. Too many layers will make it difficult to open. 
  • Attach the false sides of the pinata (the cutouts you made from posterboard) above the rope or string or ribbon. 
  • Putting the wooden plank papers around the rope on the sides is tricky. Attach one side of the paper, then carefully cut from the other side (top, bottom, whatever) toward the rope and make a small circular cut to go around the rope. Then lay the paper down on the pinata and tape over your cut.

Pull and Yank Adjustments 

  1. Attach several ribbons around the edge of the bottom of the pinata in coordinating colors of the pinata. Use small pieces of scotch or masking tape so the ribbons will easily pull away from the pinata. (The pinata pictured below is the present pinata.) 
  2. Cover the bottom of the pinata with wooden plank papers, cut to the correct size.
    Pull Ribbons


  • Use curling ribbon or craft ribbon that coordinate with the colors of the pinata.
  • The ribbon to open the trap door needs to be placed opposite the hinge so it can pull it open.
  • If the ribbon attached to the trap door is not at the edge of the pinata, use small bits of scotch tape to hold it to the edge of the pinata. The false bottom will cover it up.

Now your Treasure Chest Pinata is ready for your party.


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