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Dinosaur Tracks 

Party Game

Stomp through this dinosaur tracks party game for prehistoric fun.


Use this dinosaur track print out  for the following dinosaur party game.

dinosaur footprint
Place large cut outs of numbered dinosaur footprints in a circle and have the children march around to music. When the music stops the children stop. Pull a number out of a cup—the child standing on the number wins a small prize and gets to watch the rest play. Continue the game until all have won.

Other ideas to use with these dinosaur tracks:
  • Print out several copies of the dinosaur tracks and hide them in the party area. Explain that several dinosaurs have been hidingInstruct the guests to find where the dinosaurs have hidden, by finding their tracks, and collect the tracks. The guest with the most tracks wins. 
  • Use the dinosaur tracks to make a path to a treasure. Make the tracks go a little crazy around the place, in and out and over and under, like a wild dinosaur might travel.



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